NFL Parlay Bets | Week 12

In this article, we’ll provide you with our top NFL week 12 parlay bets. We study the odds, the betting lines, the teams, and the players to give you our recommended parlay bets to beat the bookie. The following three parlays we have picked offer a low, medium, or high payout. Our low payout parlays try to minimize risk and odds start at +200 or higher in an effort to double our stake. Likewise, our medium and high payout parlays offer higher payouts with higher odds, but higher odds mean a smaller chance of winning. In other words, are you after the big payout or more consistent wins?

Low-Risk Parlay Bet

This NFL parlay bet focuses on winning your stake back and then some. This parlay is for the bettor who prefers low risk/low yield parlay bets. Remember the saying “slow and steady wins the race?” Well, this parlay bet won’t set the world alight, but it’s your best chance of beating the NJ sportsbooks.

Parlay Odds – +224

Stake: $20 – To Win: $45.21

Parlay Picks

New Orleans Saints ML (-470) over Carolina Panthers
Chicago Bears ML (-250) over New York Giants
Buffalo Bills against the spread (-3.5) over Denver Broncos

In our opinion, this parlay has the best chance to win out of three we’ll talk about. The Saints get a favorable matchup against a Panthers team that is struggling mightily over the last couple of weeks. While the other top teams in the NFC all have tough matchups, this is a chance for the Saints to get a leg up on the competition.

The Bears haven’t played well in recent games, but this is a matchup against a Giants team that has seemingly checked out on the season. It will be incredibly tough for rookie QB Daniel Jones to move the ball on this Bears defense, especially in the frigid temperatures of the Windy City.

Last, but not least, the Bills only need to win by more than a field goal against a Broncos team that has played over the skis in recent weeks. While they did almost win outright in Minnesota last week, it’ll be incredibly difficult to muster up that same type of energy for the second game in a row – especially on the road. 

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Medium-Risk Parlay Bet

This NFL parlay bet focuses on winning your stake back and then some. This parlay is for the bettor who prefers an evenly balanced payout/risk ratio. The bettor who wants a decent payout, but is not reckless with their parlay picks.

Parlay Odds – +467

Stake: $20 – To Win: $93.39

Parlay Picks

Oakland Raiders against the spread (-3) over New York Jets
Pittsburgh Steelers against the spread (-6.5) over Cincinnati Bengals
Detroit Lions ML (-180) over Washington Redskins

Sure, teams traveling from the West coast to play East are at somewhat of a disadvantage. However, we’re seeing more of these West coast teams not only cover the spread but actually win outright. We’ve all doubted the Raiders many times this season, but Sunday is not the time to do so. This is a team that is right in the AFC Playoff hunt with a lot at stake. The Jets have won two straight, but those were against the Giants and Redskins – congratulations! This Raiders team is a step up in class and the Jets just aren’t ready for it.

Next, we like the Steelers to take care of business against a very bad Bengals team. And we’re talking about the cool kind of bad, like the kids say – they flat out stink! Yes, they did cover the spread on the road in Oakland last week. However, this Steelers defense is just too good for rookie QB Ryan Finley to overcome.

Last, we’re taking the Lions to win over another bad team with a rookie QB in the Redskins. Dwayne Haskins just doesn’t look like a competent NFL signal-caller right now. Although the Lions defense is one of the worst in football, this is an opportunity for them to improve their stats. QB Jeff Driskel is doing a great job of managing games for the Lions and they’ll be able to pull this one out on the road.

Big-Payout Parlay Bet

This NFL parlay bet focuses on maximizing your winnings. This parlay bet is for the bettor who is looking for the big payout from the NJ sportsbooks. The higher odds mean beats but we’re shooting for the stars here! No one ever bragged they won $10 and as such, this is for the bettor who’s looking for the big parlay win.

Parlay Odds – +1148

Stake: $20 – To Win: $229.68

Parlay Picks

Jacksonville Jaguars ML (+168) over Tennessee Titans
Dallas Cowboys at New England Patriots (Under 44.5)
Green Bay Packers ML (+144) over San Francisco 49ers

And for the grand finale! You’ll have to wait until the end of the late game to get this money, but it’ll be worth the time. The Jaguars are a good football, even though it didn’t show last week in Indy. Running the football and defense is the name of the game for the Jags, and we like them to do both against the Titans. QB Nick Foles had some bumps in the road during his first game back from injury, but look for him to be better prepared this time around. QB Ryan Tannehill has played well in relief of Marcus Mariota, but he hasn’t faced a defense quite like this yet.

In the huge Cowboys-Patriots game preview from earlier this week, we talked about the running game being important for each team. QB Tom Brady has really taken a step back in recent games, so look for RB Sony Michel to have a much bigger role. Also, the Patriots pass defense is just so dominant right. Look for the Cowboys to try and get RB Ezekiel Elliott going early and often. Both of these teams going more toward a running-attack will have the clock moving with great regularity.

Lastly, we talked about the Packers covering the three-point spread against the 49ers in our weekly picks. However, if we’re trying to increase our profits, it’s not a bad idea to take a shot on these guys with the outright win. The Packers are coming off a bye week and have a more pleasant-looking injury report than the 49ers. With this being the first of a few tough matchups, it’ll be interesting to see how the 49ers handle all of their dinged-up players.

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