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Best 2022 NFL Bets

We’ve worked hard here at US odds to gain the very best betting odds for NFL games, head over to our promo codes section to see some of the latest bookies and their odds for this season’s upcoming NFL games.

You’ll have the ability to bet on match winners, points difference, first touchdowns and Super Bowl champions simply by registering with one of our recommended sportsbooks.

Don’t worry we also have you covered if you’re new to NFL betting with our in-depth NFL betting guide which explains all the common types of sports betting available.

How NFL betting works

There is a range of ways in which you can bet on NFL games this season from popular betting techniques such as the fractional odds to Moneyline betting. A lot of our current sportsbooks allow you to bet on NFL games in any way you wish.

We also have a range of guides and tips to help get you started on discovering the best ways to bet on popular NFL games.