NHL Picks and Parlays

The National Hockey League is fast, it’s aggressive, but above all else, it’s exciting! The NHL is played at a million miles an hour which means it’s unpredictable and goals can come out of nowhere. Therefore, it’s only natural it’s a sport that attracts sports bettors.

There’s plenty of value bets when you bet on the NHL, but the trick is knowing where to look. Therefore, if you’re looking for top NHL betting picks and parlays, then US-Odds is the right place for you. 

Our sports betting experts extensively analyze all the betting lines to bring you the best and free NHL picks and parlays to help you beat the bookie. 

Every day we hand-pick the best free picks across the NHL to beat online sportsbooks and get the best return for your money. All our NHL picks and parlays are made by real betting experts and cover all the big games, as well as some less obvious picks that even a betting pro may not have noticed.

How do you make your best free NHL Picks?

Our experts study everything from the betting lines, team form, player form, the weather conditions. You name it they’ve studied it all to deliver you the best free NHL picks for you to choose from. In other words, they are working hard to give you the inside scoop to beat the bookie!

Who offers the best odds for your best free NHL picks?

There are many New Jersey Online Sportsbooks that are fully licensed by the Department of Gaming Enforcement who provide a great betting service on NHL betting. Explore our full review list of NHL Sports Betting Sites.

Looking For More Than NHL Picks?

We love the thrills and spills that come with NHL betting, but when the playoffs are over and the Stanley Cup is won, then what? Fortunately for you, we offer more than just free NHL picks. We publish expert free picks and parlays on the MLBNBA, and NFL too. Check them out!

NHL Betting FAQs

When Does The NHL Season Start?

The regular NHL season commences on October 2, 2020, and ends with a 12 game slate on April 4, 2021.

When Do The NHL Playoffs Start?

Once the regular season schedule has concluded on April 4, 2020, and the playoff places have been finalized. The playoffs will commence on April 8, 2021.

When is the Stanley Cup Final held?

After raising their first Stanley Cup championship banner, the St. Louis Blues will be hoping they can get back once more.

What Does The Puck Line Mean?

The Puck Line is a bet that only appears in NHL betting. A Puck Line bet works just the same as how a spread bet works in most other sports. NHL games are low scoring compared to other North American sports. Therefore, the puck line or point spread is usually only 1.5 goals, where the favorite starts on -1.5, whereas the underdog starts on +1.5.

If the favorite is -1.5 on the puck line, then this means the favorite has to win by two or more goals to win the bet. For example, let’s say you wagered the St. Louis Blues -1.5 on the puck line and they won 4-3 against the Toronto Maple Leafs. This means that you would have lost your bet because the St. Louis Blues couldn’t cover the -1.5 spread.

Now, if the underdog is +1.5 on the puck line, then the underdog can win, draw or lose the match by less than two points. For example, let’s say you wagered the Arizona Coyotes to cover +1.5 on the puck line they lost 4-3 against the Vegas Golden Knights. This means that you would have won your bet because the St. Louis Blues couldn’t cover the -1.5 spread.