NFL Week 17 Parlay Bets

Parlay bets are a great way to switch up your sports betting and combine a few betting picks together to bump up your payout. In this article, we’ll provide you with our top NFL Week 17 parlay bets. We study the odds, the betting lines, and the teams, and to give you our recommended parlay bets.

The following three NFL parlay picks offer a low, medium, or high payout. Our low payout parlays try to minimize risk and odds start at +200 or higher in an effort to double our stake. Likewise, our medium and high payout parlays offer higher payouts with higher odds, but higher odds mean a smaller chance of winning.

In other words, are you after the big payout or more consistent wins?

Low-Risk Parlay Wager

$20 risk: $65.13 (+226 odds)

This NFL Week 17 parlay bet focuses on winning your stake back and then some. This parlay is for the bettor who prefers low risk/low yield parlay bets. Remember the saying “slow and steady wins the race?” Well, this parlay bet won’t set the world alight, but it’s your best chance of beating the NJ sportsbooks.

Week 17 Parlay Picks

Over 48 (-110) – Atlanta Falcons at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Typically, division rivalries are hard-hitting and leave little imagination in the play-calling. Well, that trend certainly gets bucked when the Buccaneers and Falcons get together. In fact, four of the last five meetings have gone over the total. There are two QBs that love to sling it with two big-play defenses on each side of the ball. Oh yeah, and both teams have nothing to play for, so that should open the playbook open up like no other. What else could you ask for?

Miami Dolphins at New England Patriots ML (-1000)

We laid out a few reasons why the Patriots are going to cover the 16-point in our NFL Computer Picks article. However, we can make it easier on this parlay and keep the buck rolling. If the Patriots win this game, they clinch the No. 2 seed in the AFC Playoffs – plain and simple. No Dolphins player, fictional like Ray Finkle or non-fictional like Ryan Fitzpatrick, will stop them from doing so. This is a layup.

Tennessee Titans ML (-182) at Houston Texans

The Titans are another team that has a very simple scenario – win, and they’re in the playoffs. Luckily for them, the Texans don’t have a lot to play for. The only move the Texans can make is if the Chiefs lose to the Chargers at 1:00 p.m. EST and then they beat the Titans – all that would do is grant them the No. 3 seed instead of the No. 4 seed. Some may say that not facing the Bills in the first round would be a treat, but this is the playoffs – every matchup will be tough. Nonetheless, all the Titans need to do is win. Therefore, high motivation = great things are coming.

Medium-Risk Parlay Bet

$20 risk: $113.09 (+465 odds)

This parlay bet focuses on winning your stake back and then some. This Week 17 parlay bet is for the bettor who prefers an evenly balanced payout/risk ratio. The bettor who wants a decent payout, but is not reckless with their parlay picks.

Week 17 Parlay Picks

Green Bay Packers -12 (-110) at Detroit Lions

This one is actually pretty simple. The Packers need to win this game in order to at least hold down the No. 2 seed in the NFC Playoffs and could actually get the No. 1 seed with a win and a 49ers loss. The Lions, on the other hand, are one Redskins win away from getting themselves involved in the Chase Young Sweepstakes. No need to be heroes this week, Detroit!

New Orleans Saints -13 (-110) at Carolina Panthers

This was another game written up in our NFL Computer Picks. The Saints aren’t a lock to get a first-round bye in the NFC Playoffs, but it could happen. There are a few scenarios for New Orleans that make it worth playing its starters, and that’s exactly what Sean Payton is going to do. Not to mention, the Panthers are starting rookie QB Will Grier and that didn’t go so well last week.

San Francisco 49ers ML (-182) at Seattle Seahawks

The grand finale of wagers in our NFL Computer Picks article makes its way into one of the parlays. And perhaps, taking the moneyline on the 49ers is an easier proposition since they’re on the road. Since we have to lay down a lot of money, we might as well combine it with those other fine picks. As we mentioned in the article, the Seahawks game plan underwent some catastrophic changes during the last couple of weeks, thanks to the entire running back committee getting injured.

Also, this 49ers team has never been to the playoffs with this group. Getting home-field advantage should be very important to them. Plus, you know Richard Sherman would love to stick it to his old team.

Big-Payout Parlay Bet

$20 risk: $506.84 (+2434 odds)

This NFL parlay bet focuses on maximizing your winnings. This NFL Week 17 parlay bet is for the bettor who is looking for the big payout from the NJ sportsbooks. The higher odds mean beats but we’re shooting for the stars here! No one ever bragged they won $10 and as such, so this is for the bettor looking for the big parlay win.

Week 17 Parlay Picks

Cleveland Browns at Cincinnati Bengals ML (+128)

We talked about this game in last week’s Computer Picks and Parlay Bets articles – this is the game the Bengals wanted to win, not last week against the Dolphins. With the No. 1 pick in next year’s draft locked up, Cincy can go out there and put the finishing touches on their rival’s disappointing season. Bengals head coach Zac Taylor will still be there next season, so guys are still trying hard to see who will stick around. On Cleveland’s side? Eh, that’s a different story. There are a few guys on that roster who would drive Freddie Kitchens to the airport if they had the chance.

Los Angeles Chargers ML (+290) at Kansas City Chiefs

In all honesty, we don’t think there’s a fighting chance in hell that the Dolphins beat the Patriots – that’s exactly what the Chiefs need to get the No. 2 seed in the AFC Playoffs. Perhaps, there’s a chance that the Chiefs do some scoreboard watching and find themselves in a position to rest some players. Not to mention, this could very well be the final game for Philip Rivers as Chargers QB. He’d love to go out with a win.

Philadelphia Eagles at New York Giants ML (+185)

OK, something is seriously wrong with this line. The Eagles, who just defeated the Cowboys last week to take sole possession of first place in the NFC East, are now only -4/ML: -215 favorites to beat the Giants? Well, maybe it does make some sense. After all, the Giants nearly defeated the Eagles on Monday Night Football a couple of weeks ago.

Plus, it’s not like the Giants are trying to tank for Chase Young anymore – they blew that last week by beating the Redskins. Not to mention, this is one of the better rivalries in the NFL.

Al Walsh
Al Walsh Chief Sports Writer